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Ceramic Sharpener J800


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Product details

Ceramic sharpening rod for dull to moderately sharp knives. The ceramic surface ensures exceptional sharpening of the blade: with just a few steps you can achieve the desired result. Ceramic Steels are available in fine and standard grit.
As these rods remove a tiny amount of metal from the knife, we recommend an additional WÜSTHOF Honing Steel for daily or weekly resharpening.

Care Instructions

The darker or more metallic looking the surface of your sharpening rod, the more grinding residue there is in the pores. Wash the ceramic sharpening rod regularly with a scouring pad under running water. This will clear the pores so that you can resharpen your knives.


Length12 cm
MaterialSynthetic handle
Country of OriginEuropean Union
TypeCeramic sharpener