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Cheese Knife 12 cm | 4 1/2 inch


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Product details

This knife has a stable blade and a sharp edge, ensuring a clean cut: ideal for hard cheeses such as Emmental, Gruyere, Comté and many Alpine cheeses, or for semi-hard cheeses such as Gouda, Edam or Tilsit, while a special etching on the blade prevents cheese slices from sticking to it. For other cheeses we recommend the Cheese Knife for soft cheeses and, to complete the perfect sandwich, our Bread Roll Knife.

Care Instructions

Always hand-wash your knife in warm water immediately after use, using a soft cloth. Dry your knife carefully afterwards. Never leave your knife soaking in water. Always store your knife safely: in a knife block, on a magnetic rack (make sure the knife tips always point upwards), in a drawer insert or with a blade protector. Sharpen your knife regularly by using a honing steel. If your blade remains dull after sharpening, try again with the help of a sharpening rod (ideally with a diamond or cer


Length10 cm
MaterialSynthetic handle, riveted
Rockwell hardness56 HRC
Country of OriginGermany, Solingen
Length12 cm
Width4.5 cm
Good For
Hard cheese
TypeCheese knife