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Whetstone J 3000 / 8000


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Product details

A sharpening stone for a particularly gentle way of honing and sharpening your knives. WÜSTHOF Whetstones consist of a combination of different high-quality, abrasive grits. The stones have two sides – one with a fine grit and one coarse. The coarse side is used to smooth off any unevenness while the finer grit is used to hone and sharpen your knife.
We recommend the Whetstone Holder, which guarantees even more stability, to accompany the Whetstone.

Care Instructions

Soak your whetstone well in water before using it — it needs to be wet whilst being used to sharpen knives. Always use the entire surface of your whetstone. After use, rinse under running water and leave to air dry. If necessary, for long-lasting good sharpening results, you can use a rubbing stone to roughen the surface and even out any unevenness. Use the whetstone’s holding tray to store it. We recommend a box (made of plastic or wood, for example) to protect your stone when not in use.


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Country of OriginChina